Set foot in the Land of a Thousand Temples


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“SIR PLEASE SIT DOWN!” The panic of AirAsia flight attendants adds to the atmosphere of the Airbus 330 Kuala Lumpur route – Kathmandu is tense. How horrific, when the critical seconds landing aircraft, some passengers got up from their seats and looked at the plane’s window. Not only one but a few, even if there are about 10 more people I see. The flight attendant’s position is wearing a seat belt so he can only scream as loudly as he can without moving from where he is sitting. It was the most horror event in my entire life to take a plan, not counting the previous 48 hours on the Airport Claiming For A Cancelled Flight, after once in India had witnessed mothers in front of me casually picking up the phone even though the plane was swooping off

Kathmandu from a height not seen any skyscrapers

Thanksgiving, the plane touched the asphalt perfectly even though there was a little gripping drama. Once it’s safe, it feels like standing up and cursing dirty to the passengers “WHAT IS THE BASIC NDESO WOY, DASAR AN ****” It’s nice, smells of kettle again. Seriously, there are many who smell of ketek, feel like riding angkot already. But I failed to curse them, my guts shriveled up. Remembering that the whole ship is mostly Nepalese who go home from work in Malaysia, afraid of being beaten by the masses. After in the Tribhuvan International Airport building, I thought that they would not understand my curse. It is also considered the madman who yells in a huvt plane. KZL! “Welcome to Kathamandu, Nepal, enjoy your holiday,” smiled the immigration officer while handing over my passport that had been stamped with a visa sticker that was not very beautiful. Visa with a stay of 15 days. And even then I have to pay 25 dollars to get into a small country in northern India that doesn’t have that sea. If you want to stay longer in Nepal you can pay 40 dollars for 30 days. I have printed and filled in the home Visa on Arrival form to shorten the immigration queue, not forgetting the photo pass as a submission requirement. Boro-boro my handsome photos are kept by the clerk, my form just seems not seen and just laid down. Visa stickers are also written by hand.

Nepal Visa stickers that are less artistic

Nepal does not have a sea but Nepal has the Himalayan Mountains that stretch from the west to the east end along the country. The mountain range sucks up many people to come. Hippies are no exception. Nepal has always been a hippie trail. The term may now be backpacker. It used to be before the millennial era of the present age of children. People traveled from Europe to overland Asia (road). Usually the start of London continues to mainland Europe, continuing to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, then to Nepal. Continue Southeast Asia and finish in Australia. Look for work in the Aussie and if enough capital returns to your home country. It used to be easy because there were no political conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Now wars everywhere are difficult to cross the border. In the 50-70s where Google Maps did not yet exist, the internet had even just been born in the 70s and had not been aqiqohi, so it had not spread as sophisticated as it is now. People only rely on guidebooks, and that also inspired Tony Wheeler and his wife Mauren to create the Across Asia On The Cheap guidebook with the brand Lonely Planet. Now Lonely Planet seems to be a holy book for all travelers. Almost all countries have guidebooks printed by Lonely Planet. How come it’s been talking about the Hippie Trail and Lonely Planet.

Outside the Tribhuvan airport

As an international airport in the national capital, Tribhuvan International Airport failed to become the face of Nepal. The airport is small and the most grinning is the absence of an air conditioner. Just use the fan on the ceiling, maybe it’s eco-friendly, yak. Far from the modern impression like most airports. Even better and bigger Bungurasih Terminal in Sidoarjo. Duh is this poor country that has the most unique flag shape in the world. Even though every foreigner who enters Nepal must pay the cheapest ticket of 25 dollars. Except SAARC members who are free to enter and leave Nepal without paying. Imagine how much income is only from selling visas. Ah, bro, I don’t know people’s domestic affairs. The country’s own household is still complicated. Moreover, I myself am not married. Hatching. Exiting the airport I was immediately surrounded by taxi brokers. Am I really that sweet? I am most annoyed if I keep pressing. The first thing I want to do is find an ATM to drain money to waste in Nepal. My habit is indeed never bring money and lazy to exchange money at the money changer. I prefer to swipe ATM cards and withdraw money in the destination country. At most, I only charge a few thousand rupiah. At Tribhuvan airport there are only two ATM machines and the location is quite far from each other. Nearest the arrival gate the engine was broken, so I walked to the other ATM machine. And BROKEN ALSO SODARA-SODARA. It feels like the body is immediately gluey. Even though it had experienced a similar incident at Chennai Airport, India. Not giving up, hiks. Original I don’t carry a penny. Only the ringgit I have paid for the visa. It feels like going berserk, there is no money at all, weak, hungry, tired. Where the brokers pushed the stalking since I left the airport until I was faithfully waited at the ATM. After calming myself, I covered the taxi parking lot and invited a group of Indonesian tourists to chat. PDKT, ask questions, and be careful “Sir in Kathmandu where are you in, sir? Thamel? Sir, nebeng! I’m a friend of Misqin, sir, blah blah blah ….” in the city. And they offered joint ventures overnight at the hotel they had booked first. The three of them plan to climb the Himalayas on Mount Everest, which means they are heading to Lukla to the east. Of course I have a different business because I don’t plan to climb even one mountain in Nepal and I want to go west looking for the holy book. Halah.

Apelo look carefully
The drama accompanied my trip to Nepal before I even set foot on the land of the Land of the Thousand Temples. Take it easy there are still a lot of dramas that will be the flavoring in the next story. Basic micin generation!

Stay tune and Happy traveling!


    • Yah bagaimana lagi kalau memang tuntutan ekonomi, kayak warga negara kita kan banyak yang jadi buruh migran. Bagi orang barat Nepal dan Indonesia itu third world jadi menarik untuk dikunjungi.

    • Deuh aku tersiksa kamu enak-enakan ngakak yaaaaaaa… Kurang ajaaaaar kauuuuu….

      Stay tuned yaaak nanti aku ceritain angkot di Kathmandu yang super duper ngeselin.

  1. Wooh, Nepal. Negeri seribu kuil… ditunggu lanjutan ceritanya, Mas. Saya penasaran dengan destinasi yang dikunjungi, pasti banyak ceritanya, wkwk…
    Baru di bandara tapi sudah ada saja rintangannya. Untung juga ya ada rombongan turis Indonesia, jadi bisa minta pertolongan, hehe. Tapi nggak kapok kan ya Mas, jika suatu hari nanti ternyata berkunjung ke Nepal lagi?

  2. Hahahahhaa
    Yang malu itu nanti kalau mengumpat dan sumpah serapah segala macem ternyata di dalam pesawat ada orang indonesia atau malaysia yang ngerti hahaha

    harusnya divideoin mas detik-detik landingnya, kayaknya greget :))

    Mupeng aja deh.
    Aku belum pernah ke luar negri :((

  3. Wkwkwkwk, jujur ya mas, sampe skr salah satu alasan aku msh blm ada nyali ke india aato nepal, krn kuatir 1 pesawat bau ketek :p. Serius aku ga kuat kalo hrs duduk berjam jam mencium bau itu 😀

    Ditunggu kelanjutannya.. Aku bukan panik lg kali kalo atm pd rusak gt dan ga bawa duit sepeserpun :p

  4. Mesti cerito kere tapi nek bikin video hambur hambur ken DO IT …
    aku pas nang Nepal, nggowo rupee ne India, ra usah tukar tukar maneh. isok digawe transaksi nang kono.

    Wis ditunggu verito kere liyane

  5. Waktu pertama ke India, pas mau landing, beberapa orang langsung ngehidupin hape buat motret. Yang ada aku yang teriak-teriak, “eei pak, gak boleeeeeh.” Langsung deh mereka matiin lagi.

    Lid, Kathmandu emang sekelabu itu kah? atau fotonya diedit biar nampak makin kelabu?

  6. Kok bentar doang sih ceritanya, ah gak seru! Hahahah.
    Eh tapi serius itu kalo saya di pesawat mungkin saya juga udah maki2 sendiri dalam hati.
    Masih ada aja ya orang naik pesawat tapi katrok kayak gitu 😆

  7. Nepal sendiri terkenal sbg surga backpacker, tp knp banyak orang Nepal justru jd buruh migran di Malaysia.

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    Keep it up!

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