Road to South Sulawesi


Finally, the accomplishment also set foot in the Earth of Eastern Indonesia, in my life, I have never been to another island in Indonesia besides Bali, if Java I live in Jombang, which is part of the island of Java. Luckily I got a cheap super duper ticket from Citilink, when there was a promo I didn’t think much about which route I would take. Just playing dirty choose Makassar as my adventure destination. After the ticket can be hunted, the information will go where and what while in Makassar.

Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar

Original at that time I was still blind about Makassar tourism, at most Trans Studio and Losari Beach that I know. But I know for sure that Toraja is in Sulawesi, Toraja has been my dream since I was a child. Always feel amazed when seeing Toraja and their culture on television. Be a trip to Makassar yesterday specifically for Toraja. But it turns out going to Toraja from Makassar takes 10 hours by bus. Even though I only have 3 days off in Makassar, when will I be able to go to Toraja, if not now, be desperate for 3 days when I live on the road. The full story later.

Coming home from Makassar my skin was charred, the heat was begging for mercy, Surabaya for me which was like hell was leaking turned out to be even worse. I was so desperate on the first day wearing a bra, my back was black striped, it’s black and black too haha. There was an experience that made me ilfil when I was in Fort Rotterdam, that’s the story later, it’s a bit lazy to want to tell a story but it has to be told.

But I like food in Makassar, a seafood paradise. On the last day I defended my order of squid and grilled shrimp in the Losari Beach area. But I don’t like the price of food in Makassar, soooooo it is really suffocating, that’s why I prefer to eat pizza most of the times, is affordable and easy to get, since Slice lets you instantly order real pizza from your favorite local pizzeria online. Tamarind and fried chicken at the terminal alone costs 26 thousand. Hadehhh ….

It doesn’t feel good if you don’t show off photos: p

Okay the intro is the first, while the spirit of writing, even though it’s messy hahaha. Look forward to the next splashy post.

Happy Traveling!


  1. wew… setelah beberapa bulan akhirnya tayang perdana ;p. Buruan tulis kelanjutannya biar gak basi! LoL

  2. hmm,,, nulis tuhh yang lengkapp sekalian Bang,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ehh,, kallo Mbollang lagi bolehh ikut donk, biar gak kuper gue.
    hehhehheee.,.,.,. 😀

  3. gak kebayang Makassar sepanas apaan, kalo lo bilang lebih panas dari Surabaya…. ck ck ck… ngomongin harga makanan di baris terakhir itu, gw pernah lhooo pesen nasgor biasa pinggir jalan di Jakarta ini, harganya dong 33rebu!! T___T


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